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Our Clear Minds – One of India’s Best Mental Health Blogs.

Are you well?

Don’t worry. Look here. We have answers.

Our Clear Minds is a mental health blog, one of the best in India. We started this blog, because we have been through some of the worst issues, and we suffered because we did not know. That is why we opened this blog – so you can know, exactly, what’s happening with you.

Know that there is nothing wrong with you. Everyone – literally, everyone has some sort of mental health issues, even the most successful people. Especially the most successful people. You are okay. You just need a bit of help. You just need to tell your story, or find a story similar to you. Right?

Well, read on. You may find exactly the explanations you are craving for.

Do you have a story to tell?

Have you gone through some hard experiences in your life, too? Do you have a story that wants to get out? Tell us. We will make sure the world reads your story. You can remain anonymous if you want to.

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