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Welcome to our Resources section. Here you will find many mental health professionals in India, support groups in India, and other interested parties about mental health. Please use your browser’s search function (press Ctrl+F) to find the mental health specialists that you need.

Ivy Banerjee

Ivy Banerjee psychologist kolkata

Psychologist, Kolkata

+ Clinical Psychology
+ Child and Adolescent Counselling
+ Learning Difficulties
+ Industrial & Social Psychology
+ Stress Management

LinkedIn | Email
Phone: +91 6290 572 285

Kumarica Dutta

Kumarica Dutta psychologist kolkata

Psychologist, Kolkata

+ Stress Management
+ Crisis Management
+ Child and Adolescence Therapy
+ Geriatric Counselling
+ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram
Phone: +91 9163 298 741

Sohini RoyChowdhury

Sohini Roy Chowdhury - Our Clear Minds

Psychologist, Kolkata

+ Psychotherapy
+ Couple’s Counselling
+ Depression/Anxiety/Stress Counselling
+ Child/Teen Counseling
+ Substance Abuse
Clinic: Bhalo Theko in Bijoygarh, Kolkata
Facebook: Rise Up, Be Free
Phone: 9836 069 962 | 033 4001 3954

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